im katie whats up

Anonymous asked:
i should prob know this but what does tfw mean?

that feel when….
tfw u dont know what tfw means

Anonymous asked:
im sorry if this is rude or offensive u dont have to answer if u dont want to but what is the scar from like did u have surgery or soemthin g? im sorry im just curious besides that ur super cute and i love u

its not rude or offensive!!! i had open heart surgery when i was 4 years old because i was born withba congenital birth defect! i had 3 chambers in my heart instead of a normal 4! so they went in and fixed it all up and now im left with a huge scar but also life!!! cool

this picture of me makes me so happy

thats a cool scar on my chest. look at it. embrace it


6 best selfies of 2014! :)

Anonymous asked:
katie my crush just asked me out and im really happy and i wanted to share this with you

awwww im so happy for you!! best of luck n i hope they treat you well!!!


me: *points to* Yes im pointing

Bad Man cry sound: no !! stop Point at this thing

me: *pointi* Lov to pointing

why does tommorrow have to be 106

Anonymous asked:
tbh i thirst followed you

nice but yall realize that i am 15……. and that thirsting after me in creepy ways is totally innappropiate and disgusting…… soooo……… nice

Anonymous asked:
can we be married?

yes. me katie supremelaxbro and you. anonymous. your cute little grey round head with no body but you have sunglasses so. lets get this marriage happenin.